More than 50 years of history...


Since 1974 we represent Italgold in the UK market, providing a wide range of mountings and finished jewelry. 


ITALGOLD is an Italian company leader in the sector providing the widest choice of mountings for luxury jewelry.

Since 1967, with its factory settled in Valenza - Italy, ITALGOLD reached dominant role in the world market thanks to the Italian elegance and quality manufacture backed by experience and professionalism.




Thanks to our design department we help our customers to develop and create unique pieces and exclusive collections. 

Rapid Prototyping


Thanks to the newest technologies we are able to offer a fast service from design to final product. We currently produce prototypes in wax, resins and metals. 



Thanks to over 50 years of experience, we are able to cast Gold in different alloys, Platinum and Silver. In addition to the classics metals, we are proud to be able to cast Titanium.



If you have already the diamonds and you are looking for competitive prices, we are happy to set it for you, made to perfectly fit your gemstone. 

Polishing and Finishing


We strive for the highest quality possible, every jewellery piece that leaves the factory has to pass our tough quality control. 

Laser Inscriptions


If you have a special logo or you would like to write number or sentences, we can do it thanks to our laser inscription machine.